Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Overcome Panic Attacks - Learn How to Show Courage Everyday and Your Bravery Will Be Rewarded!

Someone who has never experienced a panic attack can have a hard time trying to understand why you get so anxious. It makes no sense to them why you are reacting in such an "over the top" way to a task so simple. However certain situations take a lot of courage and bravery on your part to face. This is one way to overcome panic attacks - by facing your fears on a daily basis.

There are so many people who suffer from and would like to overcome panic attacks, but are literally stopped in their tracks to do anything about it. Some of the most fascinating people who suffer from this type of anxiety have some of the bravest jobs in the world. There are numerous policeman, fire fighters and even soldiers who suffer from this affliction. These people would not think twice about running into a burning building to rescue someone or confronting an armed maniac. However, they may struggle to overcome panic attacks in the safety of their own home while trying to sleep at night!

The above may seem extremely strange, however you should remember that your personal courage has nothing to do with coping with these type of attacks. This type of anxiety affects your inner confidence and fears. You doubt your ability to be able to face certain situations and circumstances. Unfortunately, this can manifest and get far worse with time.

However, simply by waking up each day and facing the world again, you can do much to overcome panic attacks. For someone who has never suffered with any form of anxiety, it may not seem like a big deal to do certain things. However, for you to take a long drive, or stand for hours in a supermarket queue or even to take a walk will mean that you need to face your fears and handle that crisis that is going on in your head.

Even if you have failed trying to achieve something that may be deemed a simple everyday task, your bravery will never be in question. Just the fact that you return and try again the next day is a testament in itself. One of the greatest accomplishments for you may be facing a certain situation that scares the hell out of you.

I want you to understand that your bravery will always be rewarded in these situations. If you have managed to overcome a potentially scary situation (or fatal in your mind), you will develop some form of inner strength from this. A sense of achievement. You need to show courage everyday in order to overcome panic attacks, but take some heart from the fact that if you have achieved a positive step forward today, you are more than capable of doing it again tomorrow.

WARNING: Don't allow anxiety to rule the rest of your life

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