Tuesday, January 26, 2010

3 Simple Strategies to Overcome Anxiety

Overcoming anxiety can be very difficult. In many cases the anxiety and panic attacks are so potent that the person has no other choice but to take medication and try to relax themselves every day. These cases are very extreme and very difficult to deal with especially.

On the other hand, many less severe cases of anxiety can be treated with 3 simple strategies:

1. Relaxation and breathing methods

When a panic attack strikes, you probably don't notice it until it is in its full blown stage. At this point you are probably hyperventilating so you should try to use the paper bag method or breath out as far as you can and then start inhaling again. At this stage of the panic attack you are probably worried about the chest pains and the dizziness. This strategy should help make these symptoms go away.

2. Exercise and lifestyle change

Your brain, nerves, and body need many very specific amounts of certain nutrients in order to function properly. If you don't have enough of a nutrient you might not notice, but I'm sure your body will function at less than full capacity. By cutting out caffeine and nicotine, you will protect your body from the gittery feelings. Adding more fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and nuts helps include every important vitamin to your diet.

3. Learning more

Learning more about anxiety and yourself is the best way to overcome the disorder. This is the only way you can know for sure what you need to do. In order to understand what needs to be done you have to figure out what triggers your anxiety and what you can do about it.

If you're suffering from anxiety and panic attacks you need to learn about stopping anxiety attacks before your anxiety gets out of control. The Anxiety Control System is a revolutionary program that teaches you how to overcome your anxiety from 3 different angles using a mixture of cognitive behavioral therapy, reverse therapy, lifestyle change, relaxation methods and more.


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