Thursday, January 28, 2010

Guide to Overcome Panic Attacks - Live Life Without Fear Anymore!

Living with a panic attack disorder can be challenging in many ways. It becomes very difficult to do every day activities, such as grocery shopping or going to work. The triggers can be different for everyone.

The treatments to overcome panic attacks usually involve medications to help with the symptoms, but they do not fix the root cause of the issue. However, there are ways to not only assist you with every day activities, but overcome panic attacks altogether. That way you can live a normal life without fear of the next attacks.

The first step is recognizing what your triggers are and facing them - Avoiding the trigger does not help.

Try to keep a positive attitude. Accept that you have a small problem, one that inhibits the ability to see situations that are stressful, or painful correctly. This is very difficult when faced with a situation that causes you to panic. The trick is knowing that you have what it takes to overcome your panic attack and face it head on. Never look for the solution in anyone else.

Instead, focus on the trigger and try to relive the trigger in your mind over and over again. This will allow you to condition your mind to handle it, instead of panicking. Learning how to meditate can also help this process. Meditation allows you to remove all thought from your mind. In that process, you can control your blood pressure and your heart rate.

Understand that it takes time. You can not overcome panic attacks overnight, so do not try. It takes time, patience with yourself and a lot of hard work. The mind does not change and remold its thought process that quickly. Therefore, you cannot overcome anxiety attacks overnight.

You have to allow your thought process to change and understand that your trigger will not consume you if you don't let it. Set goals that are reasonable, but not too much so. Otherwise you cannot move forward.

When you feel that you are about to have a panic attack, slow your breathing, close your eyes, and know it's okay. Take slow deep breaths and stand, or sit up straight. Breath in a slow deep breath, then breath it out. This will allow you to decrease your blood pressure, heart rate, and metabolism and increase circulation.

The more you practice this technique the easier it will be. Also, understanding that the threat is not a real one and it will pass.

Using these techniques will not only manage, but help you completely overcome panic attacks, as well. Just find what best works for you. You may not need to apply all techniques, but remember, never give up.

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