Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Learn Why Panic Attacks Cause Fear, Brain Abnormalities, and Great Discomfort in Ones Life

When fear is present, we run away. This is a natural occurrence. But when you feel fear but there is nothing to fear, is that normal? Could this be a trickery of the mind? Your body starts to go haywire and it feels like you have lost control over it? Perhaps, you might be going through a panic attack.

Panic attacks cause different results in people. Typically, you will know that you are going through an attack when your heart starts to race and your pulse rate increases. You start sweating like crazy. Breathing is deep and hard to do. And then, fear starts to set in.

These attacks cause major inconvenience not just physically, but in the actual lifestyle of the person who has it. It can limit the person from experiencing life to the fullest and enjoying the great things the world has to offer. Fear has enslaved plenty of people in the world.

But there is hope. An attack can be faced and defeated. And one must find the correct panic attacks cause in order to address it and solve it.

Why do we suffer from this disorder anyway? Well, there are different reasons.

There are studies that show that it is caused by genetics. The panic attack victim may have inherited their panic and anxiety attacks from their parents or it can be part of their families history. They may have a history of depression or a problem with fear.

Another medical reason is that there is the possibility of brain abnormalities. Recent research tells us that attacks are likely triggered by psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Schizophrenia is a mental condition where a person suffers delusions, withdrawal from reality or becomes completely separate from what is real. Post-traumatic stress disorder is considered a severe kind of anxiety that is caused by disturbing events such as death or accidents that result to psychological trauma.

Catastrophic events in our lives can cause panic and anxiety. This is something we cannot deny. On top of the list is death. We do not like talking about death let alone think about it. When a close loved one dies, it feels like all life is sucked out of your body. The influx of emotions, mental pictures, anger, grief and other unexplainable events mix in one moment of brokenness. Then, the panic attack comes.

How about stress? Yes. Stress is the silent killer. Perhaps other than panic attacks, stress has initiated and developed sicknesses. Everyone can be a victim. Adults have it at the workplace. Children go through it via school or from their peers. If we are not careful, stress can totally destroy our life.

The withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can lead to panic attacks especially when the body formally consumed by all of this starts craving for it. Again, the mind starts to be in play.

These attacks cause great discomfort in a persons life. It causes grief to the people surrounding the victim. The good news to all of this is that there is no need to worry. It is treatable and defeat-able. Comprehending the causes is the first big step in defeating panic attacks.

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