Sunday, December 27, 2009

How To Prevent Panic Attacks At The Altar

By Yolanda Nash

The bride, who is about to be led to the altar mostly tends to face a panic situation. Since they are entering into a new chapter of their life they may be excited. They may develop an anxiety in them and as a result will be prone to stress. No matter whether the members of the in-laws are well known or the relation with her would-be is quite smooth but still many will have this anxiety.

Some of the brides feel embarrassed on facing the crowd. Actually they may not be worried about the wedding as such but they may be worried about the crowd whose focus will be on her. To prevent panic attacks at altar some measures should be taken.

Wedding is an auspicious occasion in ones life and the memories related to it are ever green and ever lasting till the end. So in order to recollect the pleasant day's joy it is essential for the couple to remain cool at the altar. If one cannot prevent panic attacks at the altar, it will create a laden memory of the occasion in the future. Both the bride and groom will not be able to enjoy the bliss of the day. Moreover, the panic attacks will also affect the expression on the face. No one can pretend to be happy at the superficial level with deep panic inside. This will also create a poor appearance in the recorded videos and the photos in the scrapbook.

There are ways to prevent panic attacks at altar. One can abate the panic attacks by lowering their stress. Lowering of stress can be done through many ways. Any one of the relaxation techniques can be followed like yoga, meditation, muscle relaxation etc. Exercise can also help to reduce the panic attacks. It is better to avoid alcohol, illegal drugs, nicotine and caffeine since they only aggravate the condition. For getting some quick relief from the panic attack, one can follow breathing technique, in which the air is inhaled slowly. Then count till four and then exhaled to count four.

Some of the above mentioned techniques if practiced daily will gradually help to prevent the panic attack. But if it still persists till the date of wedding one can prevent panic attacks at altar by focusing the attention on the spouse. Just forgetting the surrounding crowd and concentrating on the spouse alone will definitely work.

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