Saturday, December 26, 2009

Anxiety Or Panic Attacks - Some Remedies and Cures

Anxiety disorders are a state of the mind that can get in the way of a persons daily life. Generally everyone goes through some variations in moods at some time or other and this is considered comparatively normal. But there are cases when very high levels of pressure or strain may bring on a depression, followed by anxiety attacks.

What a person should do when he starts experiencing anxiety that he feels is beyond his control, is to seek either medical help or see a therapist. There are many people who specialize in this specific area and offer various types of treatment to cure the situation.

There are various natural cures for anxiety attacks, also known as panic attacks. The best part of natural cures is that they can be used for long periods of time without any risk of addiction, adverse effects and any withdrawal symptoms.

But before starting treatment, the first step is to get at the root cause for anxiety. In most cases of such attacks, the cause is due to some imbalance in the nerves. Once this imbalance is rectified with natural extracts and some other natural essences, the anxiety just goes off. A persons diet or his sleeping pattern can also be the cause for his panic attacks.

Herbs like the passionflower are said to act like a tranquilizer and is frequently utilized in the treatment of despondency, and sleeplessness. It is said to gently nudge you into deep snoozes that give your mind the rest it requires, which is instrumental in causing the anxiety. The lemon balm and lavender are also herbs that alleviate stress and calm the mind.

Such natural remedies combined with the right diet, a sensible workout routine and the necessary rest can greatly relieve or even totally cure the number and the severity of panic attacks that a person suffers. Excessive intake of sugar and caffeine are said to trigger the chemicals inside the brain causing anxiety, so cutting down on the sugar and caffeine content can quite probably improve the condition.

Prescription medications that are given can only treat the symptoms of panic attacks, but it does not treat the cause or block the attacks permanently. And such medication, when consumed over a long time can be pretty unsafe. That is exactly why many people are turning to alternative natural cures for treating anxiety disorders, and the demand for these medications have really been blown out of proportion as they relieve patients without any of the adverse effects that are experienced in the prescription drugs.

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