Wednesday, February 3, 2010

3 Things You Must Do to Overcome Panic Attacks

What normally causes the attacks is "stuff" that built up over time, and you did not act on it to get what I call release valve. But now you have to work on overcoming panic attacks for couple of reasons. There is a good change you will lose the confidence, you will feel insecure, and if you are married or in relationship it can take a hold of your life.

Fill the body with the good stuff!

Number one thing you have to do is get rid of the negative I your life. This is the most important step in overcoming panic attacks. You see, the negative takes a toll on your life, the negative makes you sink down even further. We do not want that. You probably noticed, but lately you are probably telling yourself I cannot do this, this is too much for me. Well, you can, and tell yourself that for a change.

What can you do to add positive? Listen to the music, or do some fun exercises, something you enjoy. It might be bike riding, or jogging, or kick boxing. No matter what it is, it just has to be something you enjoy.

Yes going out dancing is a great way to go. Just get some friends and go. Why the physical activity? It will release these pleasure hormones, and that is all you need now.

Oh and just in the case some of your friends are not very positive, cut them out of your life. You have enough problems with your panic attacks, you don't need someone adding fuel to the fire.

Tell Others Your Problems!

For people who have not experienced panic attacks, they cannot understand your fear, however, there are some people who are just great listeners. In my life I had few of those. And that was great! I talked to them about my issues. You see, I am type of the person who holds things inside herself, but NO more. I changed that around and it has helped me great deal in overcoming anxiety attacks.

Stop The Fear

You know the feeling, you expect the next panic attack and you live in the fear that the next one will happen very soon. That fear keeps you paralyzed. Start getting into mind techniques that can help you stop the fear.

Doing more than one thing will help you overcome panic attacks.

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